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Two-boned skulls

These skulls have prominent crossed bones rather than wings. Most of the skulls are depicted in side view, some are damaged, and many have teeth in disarray. Similarities in shape over a wide area suggest that carvers traded stencils. Except for Granary in Boston, few burying grounds have more than one or two such stones.

London St Martins in the Fields

Marblehead MA Barnard.

Granary T William Frost

Plymouth MA John Bartlett 1773

Plymouth MA Thos Foster 1777

Granary Alexander Mackay 1787

Granary Nancey Main 1782

8 Granary Lydia Draper 1747.JPG

Copps Hill Nathaniel Brown

Granary T Thomas Webb 1769

11 Kings 750.JPG

Portsmouth Old Sarah Sargeant

Dedham Sally Pond

Granary Sarah Revere 1773

Portsmouth NH- Stephen March 1772

Portsmouth NH two boned skulls

Chelmsford MA Sarah Bridge

Chelmsford MA - Oliver Fletcher

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