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The big-nose carver of central Mass

A carver or shop active in the towns north and west of Worcester MA in the 1770s and 80s created circular faces accompanied by elaborate vegetation, especially thistles.

Auburn David Thurston 1777

Auburn memento mori 2

Holden Lydia Goulding db

Leicster MA - Unis Watson 1784 age 5

Leicster MA Charls Watson 1785 age 6

Paxton MA - Capt Paul How 1789 age 75

Paxton MA - Mr Hezekiah Newton 1787 age 67

Paxton MA - Mr Nathaniel Stearns 1785 age 35

Paxton MA - Mrs Grace Stearns dates buried

Paxton MA - Mrs Phebe Stearns 1773 aged 21

Spencer MA - Mrs Hannah Lamb 1786 age32

Spencer MA - William Cuningham 1779 age 25

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