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The fieldstone markers of Taunton Massachusetts.

Both colonial cemeteries in Taunton contain fieldstone markers made of a thin, conglomeratic quartzite. A carver could not ask for a better material than this tightly indurated, strong rock that appears to have started out as a 2 - 3 cm sand layer between two layers of mud and eventually broke out into wide slabs with smooth surfaces. All of these markers have the irregular edges of found stones and some are nearly 1 meter across.

The carver (or carvers - there's a 50-year span of dates) was most likely a literate, phonetic speller. His random use of capitol letters suggests he may not have been a regular reader. The grooves are not "V" shaped like grooves in slate. The rock is very hard being composed of quartz and feldspar grains cemented by silica rather than calcite.

Samuel Pratt 1728

Patience Pratt 173?

Allas Andrews 1735

Jonathan Deen 1750

Edmund Andrews 1750

Joseph Porter 1750

Hannah Deen 1750

Deborah Jones 1767

Peter Pratt 1760

Susanna Andrews 1770

Washington Jones 1780

Charity Jones 1781

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